Discover our range of fire safety and security solutions for data centers that help you detect danger and offer a quick response as early as possible – protecting both your people and your data.

Data Centers are one of the most critical infrastructure buildings and must be safe, efficient and resilient.

Download our new Data Center brochure and find out how Honeywell secures your Data Center. Discover our products and solutions dedicated to this industry.

Learn how Honeywell can meet the most critical key demands for Data Centers:

• Reliability
• Robust ID management
• Increased protection through layered security
• 24/7 coverage with automatic failover
• Protection for high security areas
• Protection from an increasing risk ofcybe r attack
• Best-in-class technology to win customers
• Operational efficiencies
• Maintaining compliance

Honeywell’s wide product range can offer the best solution for you!

ESSER by Honeywell fire alarm systems, VARIODYN D1 voice alarm system, the most modern VESDA-E aspirating smoke system on the market as well as the Li-Ion Tamer lithium ion battery monitoring system will meet all your requirements and will make your Data Center safe.

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