In the event of an emergency, fire protection concepts for stadiums need to enable controlled evacuation and ensure personal protection. The most important thing is the reliable early detection of dangerous situations. In the event of smoke development, minutes can make the difference between life and death. Once the danger has been identified, innovative alarm systems with voice announcements help with controlled evacuation. Panic can be avoided and evacuation can be faster.

Our FlexES Control fire alarm system, our VARIODYN electro-acoustic emergency warning system and our new Pro Sound loudspeakers are ideally suited for implementing these complex fire protection concepts.

Honeywell products can be found in a wide variety of sports and music venues worldwide. Together with you, our partner, we provide unparalleled views of the action to several thousand fans almost every day, creating an unbeatable atmosphere in a safe environment.

For example, music, announcements and alarms can be transmitted from several VARIODYN D1
control stations to the pitch, the stands and all adjacent areas in the stadium. During an event, it is possible to add signals to individual areas by simply pressing a button on the VARIODYN D1 intercom station without interrupting the running audio system, or to adjust the volume depending on the time of day and the number of visitors.

Advantages of our systems (fire alarm systems, PA/VA and security systems) for stadiums:

- Flexible expandable and integrable solutions
- Compliant with standards
- Centralized management systems
- Cost savings in installation (cabling, maintenance)
- Improved ROI over the life cycle of the stadium

Among others, we, Honeywell Life Safety Austria, have already equipped the O2 Arena in Prague or the Allianz Stadium in Vienna as well as supported them during project planning.

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