LRS compact - ESSER, English


Approval: VdS, LPCB, UL

Active stand-alone early fire detection system using laser technology.
The actuation on the loop and the resetting function is carried out via the esserbus transponder (Part No. 808623)Actuation on a conventional line is carried out via the same transponder. The device requires a separate voltage supply of 24 V DC.
With English frontplate.
  • Adjustable sensitivity from 0.005 % / m up to 20 % / m obscuration
  • 3 programmable alarm thresholds (alarm, pre alarm, main alarm).
  • For an increased protection from false alarms, all alarm thresholds can be given a time window of 0 – 60 sec
  • 2 fault levels (maintenance, fault)
  • 3 potential-free contacts (switching capacity 30 V DC/2 A) consisting of 1 potential-free changeover contact and 2 potential-free switching contacts
  • Filter and air stream monitoring for easier maintenance
  • Event memory for up to 12,000 events
  • For use with an extraction tube with a total length of max. 80m (2 x 50 m)
  • Automatic learning function for determining optimum sensitivity level (the units remain operative during this learning phase)
  • Adjustments can be made by means of a PC in combination with VConfig PRO and ASPIRE Windows software and a standard interface cable w/o interface (modules are not supplied as standard)
  • Main alarm, pre alarm, trouble and operation status are indicated on the front panel
  • Actuation and resetting is carried out via the esserbus transponder (Part No. 808623) during loop operation
  • Stand-alone system